Nursery Rooms

The Bluebell Room

This room is a bright, welcoming part of the nursery where  children continue to learn through active play experiences. Staff devise activities to motivate and challenge children in a number of learning spaces, e.g. playing language games in the literacy space, problem solving in the numeracy space, producing interesting art exhibits in the expressive space or using their creative skills in the imaginary space.


the bluebell roomStaff continue to encourage independence, in preparation for school. They aim to help children to become confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors, following the guidelines set out by Curriculum for Excellence. Physical exercise can be enjoyed in the garden where the beauty of our natural surroundings can be fully appreciated.

The Primrose Room

When children are ready, they move to the Primrose Room, where they are encouraged to continue to develop their emerging social skills, e.g. dressing and toileting to help promote independence. In this room, children have access to a selection of sensory activities which help to improve their development, e.g. painting, drawing, sand and water play.

the primrose room

Children enjoy a relaxing sleep session after lunch.   Staff in the room are eager to encourage communication and language development throughout the day. The garden gives children access to a natural area where they have fun playing and learning.

Staff in the Lily Room and in the Primrose Room  use The Pre-Birth to Three guidelines in order to plan learning experiences.

The Lily Department

The Lily Room welcomes our youngest children. It has been designed to create a calm, peaceful environment where children can relax and learn. The room is set up so that they have opportunities to visit a range of stimulating experiences throughout the day. A wide range of sensory activities are offered regularly. Everyone has great fun playing with gloop, play dough and sand etc.

lily dept

Children enjoy joining in during heuristic play sessions, exploring treasure baskets, looking at books and using a variety of mark making tools. They sleep at various times throughout the day with the help of calm, peaceful music.  A ‘ family’ atmosphere is evident and staff work hard to cater for individual needs. Children spend time outside enjoying the safe, country setting.

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